Mini Buffet Catering Services Johor Bahru

Mini Buffet Catering Service in Johor Bahru
A re you someone who wants to throw an intimate birthday celebration with your best friends but you do not want to go through the hassle of preparing and cooking the foods yourself? Let us handle your mini party with our highly rated catering services.

Mini Buffet Catering Johor Bahru is open to serve great meals for you and your selected guests at any given date and time. You, as our valued customer, can get to enjoy our buffet catering at a great price no matter how small your number of guests is.

If you wonder why you should get a caterer for such a small even, we say, “Why not?” The perks of hiring one, especially when you hire Mini Buffet Catering Johor Bahru, are worth the time and effort you will spend in negotiating with us because:

  • It will save you from personally worrying over the food preparation and give you more time to get ready and socialize with your guests.
  • You simply have to tell our chefs what kinds of foods and drinks, and maybe even desserts, you want to be one the buffet table, and they will be ready for you. If you want, you can also request for taste sampling before your mini party.
  • It will definitely cost you less since Mini Buffet Catering Johor Bahru also offers other miscellaneous and event management services, and so the management can give you a better deal if you get such services with their buffet catering services.

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Among other things, you can:

Mini Buffet Service in Johor Bahru

Specify your Number of Guests

How big or how small your party crowd will be will depend on you. The Mini Buffet Catering Johor Bahru will simply be there to help you make your event come to fruition and provide you with great food and beverages.

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Choose what will be on your Menu

As much as possible, we try to exercise liberty at Mini Buffet Catering Johor Bahru by letting our customers decide on what meals will be present during their party. We do have a pre-made Menu that contains all the cuisines we can create, but you can just use it as a guide if need be.

Mini Buffet Service In JB

Contact Us for Additional Services

As what has been mentioned above, Mini Buffet Catering Johor Bahru does not only pride itself for the buffet selection that we can produce.

If you are running out of time and you cannot afford to deal with other things that are needed for a party, we are here bring and install some chairs, tables and other decorations on your preferred venue. Give us a call or send us an enquiry to find out more!