Marquee Tent Rental Johor Bahru

What is Marquee?

The term ‘marquee’ refers to a fairly large tent or shelter. It is designed for use at parties, events, and social functions. In Malaysia, marquees are a popular sight at weddings, birthday bashes, anniversaries parties, and corporate dinners.

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The typical marquee is constructed out of a durable and heavy material. This is to prevent it from blowing away in strong wind and letting water enter during heavy rains. The finest marquees can be used many times and still retain their strength.

As marquees have to be heavy enough not to move, even in bad weather, they come with much more extensive foundations than standard tents. The only downside to having such a heavy base is the fact that marquees tend to get quite stuffy. However, it is perfectly possible to rent a marquee with an integrated A/C system.

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Our marquees do offer this very valuable feature. Furthermore, you can trust that our customer service is always going to be excellent. We are friendly, warm, supportive, and professional, while also providing the best marquee rentals in the region. For those who are unsure about what it is they need, the following section will clear up some of the mystery.

We offer all of the marquee rental services outlined below.

Marquee Tent

The standard marquee tent is probably the most popular choice of all, particularly in Malaysia. This is because the climate is fairly hot and humid. A marquee gives guests adequate protection from bugs and the elements, but it does not make them feel claustrophobic or crowded either. Marquee tents are easy to use, because they are quick to install and suit a wide variety of different events. If you require a marquee tent, don’t hesitate to get in touch and request a cost estimate.

The average marquee tent is around 15×15 metres, on both sides. They are most often used in plain white, but it is possible to rent marquees in bolder tones. Perhaps the most characteristic aspect of this kind of shelter is the fact that it tends to have more than two walls. The majority of marquee tents have three walls, but some have four.

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It usually contains an extremely strong and durable tensile steel skeleton. This is to keep the entire structure anchored to the ground, even in high winds. Marquee tents are an effective choice for anybody who wants to add sophistication and sparkle to their event. They are just as often used at larger events (conferences, for example) as they are things like small weddings and christenings.

They may also be used for displaying products during marketing road shows. This is an alternative use for marquees, we are happy to give you advice on how to pick a successful roadshow shelter. You’ll be glad to know that, regardless of supply and demand levels, we always offer our customers the lowest possible prices.

Get on the phone or visit our website and request a cost estimate today. This is the first step needed to make sure that your event runs smoothly. Contact our friendly canopy rental advisor or just send us an enquiry and we will promptly reply you soon. Ask as many questions as you need to. Listen to advice and recommendations, so that you end up with the finest, most superb marquee tent available.

Here is a little more detailed insight on the appearance of marquee tents. These structures take the form of a combination between pyramid tents and ‘A’ shaped tents. Essentially, they are a longer, better connected pyramid shelter. The typical marquee tent displays a substantial tip point, from which a small flag can sometimes be spied.

Unlike the pyramid shelter, the marquee tent is not completely straight. This is more noticeable if you look at it from a distance. With the right marquee tent, you can introduce a degree of style and visual appeal that it is difficult to obtain in any other way. You can create a vintage vibe, a contemporary theme, a traditional setting, or any other kind of atmosphere that you think might benefit your guests.

Renting a Marquee Tent In Johor Bahru

Marquee tents do not feel flimsy or weak, because they are reinforced, on all sides, by strong canvas sheets. This gives them a more recognisable and traditional structure, particularly when compared with a canopy tent and its lack of walls. You are strongly advised to construct your marquee tents in a location which is properly ventilated. Due to the enclosed nature of the space, it can get very hot inside a marquee tent.

Our marquee rental service covers customers all across the Johor Bahru, in Malaysia. Our canopy rental specialist are ready and waiting to answer your questions. They know what it takes to pull off a smooth and successful event, so use them as a resource. Let us help you throw an event to remember for years to come.

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We value customer service very highly, so you know that you’ll always get a friendly and warm response from our team. If you are still unsure about kind of shelter you need, don’t be afraid to call them and tell them about your event. They will be able to point you in the right direction.