Indian Buffet Catering Services Johor Bahru

A re you getting married and you have always loved murg makhani? Is your son or daughter graduating and you something as special as lauki ke kofte?

If you are an Indian who lives in Johor Bahru or you are someone who simply enjoys and relishes the rich taste of the Bird of Gold’s well-loved cuisines, you do not have to fly back to India the next time you want to throw a party because we are here to give you real Indian experience buffet style.

Indian Buffet Catering Johor Bahru is a catering company that is known not just for our food, but also for our consistency in providing the highest quality of catering services to all of our customers.

Regardless if it is a corporate meeting, an all-out party, or a simple dinner with the family, you can contact Indian Buffet Catering Johor Bahru to bring you the yummiest Indian cuisines that you will never forget.

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Talented Chefs

The chefs that work at Indian Buffet Catering Johor Bahru are the heart of the company, and they have earned that title for training vigorously and learning everything that has to do with Indian recipes. They infuse the said learning to the menus that we now have here.


Chest of Indian Goodness

As mentioned above, we have a menu – a big one – which acts as a chest for all our riches, a.k.a. the Indian dishes that we can prepare or cook anywhere at any time of the day. India is a country of wealthy food culture so when you see our menu, expect it to be quite lengthy. And tasteful, of course.

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Delivery on Time

The management of Indian Buffet Catering Johor Bahru knows the importance of time to every person that’s why when we are hired for an event, we make sure that everything is ready and every food is loaded on the table even before any guest comes. This is one way of showing our gratitude to you as our customer for trusting our services.


Affordable Rates

Another way of Indian Buffet Catering Johor Bahru to show gratitude is by offering you the best deals that will not hurt your budget so much. Yes, we want to make a profit, but our desire to be of help to a friend like you is overpowering our desire to make more money.


There are other things you can call Indian Buffet Catering Johor Bahru for:

  • If you need someone to organize and manage your party
  • If you need some people to carry and arrange tables and chairs
  • If you want someone to bring and decorate the venue

Call us or send us enquiry for more information.