Halal Buffet Catering Service Johor Bahru

Halal Buffet Catering Service In Johor Bahru
E ver wished to have a buffet with all kinds of Malaysian cuisine prepared in Halal manner?

For those who are not well-versed with the term, Halal means “any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law.” (see Wikipedia)

The chefs of Halal Buffet Catering Johor Bahru have gone through tedious studying and hands-on training in order to perfect the acceptable way of handling and preparing the fruits, meat (if there’s any) and vegetables which are to be used for a certain dish.

Aside from the exquisite taste of the food, here are some other reasons why you, as the costumer, will surely come back for more of our Halal buffet:


#1: Freshness of the Ingredients and/or cooking tools

The administration of Halal Buffet Catering Johor Bahru does not want to take any risk of creating a type of food that does not conform in any way to the Islamic law.

For that reason alone, they see to it that all the cutting and cooking tools used in pre- and post-preparation of the meals they are about to serve are Halal-certified. More importantly, the ingredients are definitely fresh since these are only bought from organic markets or producers on the day that they are to be used.


#2: Environmental hygiene and physical hygiene are strictly observed

Halal or not, we make sure that all our chefs and other staff strictly observe proper hygiene at work.

All the knives, pans, chopping boards, casseroles and other cooking equipment in Halal Buffet Catering Johor Bahru are thoroughly washed and sterilized before using them to prepare any meal. Likewise, all our employees wear proper shoes and clothing while doing food preparation.

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#3: Honesty in Halal food preparation

Probably the ultimate reason why you will come back for more of our Halal buffet is because we are an honest catering company that only gives you what you expect of us. Halal Buffet Catering Johor Bahru never did and never will promise or say anything that we cannot fulfill. We truly respect the laws of Islam, and you can trust us all the time to only serve you with all the foods and drinks that are considered lawful.

Halal Buffet Catering Johor Bahru is a legitimate buffet catering company. More than the profits, customer’s satisfaction is what we are looking for. Other than the buffet, you can also tell us how you want the foods and drinks to be arranged on the table.

If you are interested with our services and you are looking for delicious Halal meals, kindly call us now or submit enquiry to us.