H olding a corporate buffet catering is highly relevant for a company. Who has ever heard and agreed with Anne Mulcahy, a former Xerox CEO, when she said that “Employees are a company’s greatest asset – they’re your competitive advantage”?

These words are true, and so it is of utmost importance that, as a company leader, you acknowledge your employees’ hard work and treat them with great food every once in a while.

One easy way of doing that is by hiring a catering company that you can trust. And, speaking of that, why not try corporate buffet catering Johor Bahru?

  • Corporate buffet catering Johor Bahru is being manned by professional chef(s) and buffet caterer(s) who strive every day to provide the maximum quality of catering service to all customers.
  • Buffet catering is the most suitable and preferable type of catering, especially for a corporate event where there will be a huge number of guests expected to come, because of the wide array of delicious food that will be on the buffet table.
  • Another good thing about it is that since your event may turn into a party and your employees will eventually get hungry several times during the occasion, they can fill their plates up again anytime they please!
  • If you are worrying about the budget, stop — corporate buffet catering Johor Bahru will not push you into availing anything you cannot handle. Our management will be more than happy to speak with you about your budget limit and give you the best deal out of it.

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The Menu

Our menu covers a wide selection of great chow that will be perfect for everyone. It is mostly advised that before you order, you must have an idea of what food or ingredient some of your employees may be allergic to so that we can avoid adding them or not labeling them on the buffet table.


The Time

Corporate buffet catering Johor Bahru believes that punctuality is vital in one’s success and, to be honest, no one will have the appetite to eat past the expected time if ever the food comes late.

Because of that, we see it to it our clock is well-coordinated to yours: from the delivery time to the serving time to the cleaning time.


The Place

Buffets usually make use of probably 1/8 to ¼ of the whole venue because of the long tables used to hold the food, plates, drinks and desserts, so take this into consideration when you pick a venue for the event.


Event Services

In case you are in need of other event services – may it be tables, chairs, or event managers – Whatsapp us or send us an enquiry.