‘Tis the season to not get hungry, fa la la la la la la la la!

A h, who just does not wish that Christmas happens 365 times in a year? We get to have some time off work and studying, we get to lay on the couch all day without worrying about any meeting and, most importantly, we get to eat whatever we want without feeling guilty of all the calories the cakes and the hot pies have. And yes, it is the time for Christmas parties and exchanging gifts too.

Nevertheless, even though it is exciting for us, such parties tend to get tiring and somewhat stressful for the people who arrange them since everyone expects the party to be full of fun and lots of delicious foods. If you are in Johor Bahru and you are having a similar dilemma, why don’t you call Christmas Buffet Catering Johor Bahru? We may have some gifts in the form of great chow and excellent budget deals just for you!


Feast for Kings and Queens

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ that’s why Christmas Buffet Catering Johor Bahru sees it fit to make special cuisines that you and your guests can feast on. As our customer, we give you the liberty to request for some dishes which may or may not be on our menu, and we will try our best give you the perfect taste. If you like, you can also coordinate with us so that you can sample the foods you have in mind before Christmas day.

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Cozy Rates

One of Christmas Buffet Catering Johor Bahru’s ways of giving love and sharing joy on Christmas is by keeping our food rates at a reasonable and affordable price range.

It is almost expected every year to see every merchandise’s price on the market shoot up during the yuletide seasons, especially the food-related merchandise, but we strive hard to keep our charges as low as possible without risking the quality of every meal that we create.


All-embracing Menu

If you still have not decided on anything yet, you can have a look at Christmas Buffet Catering Johor Bahru’s all-embracing menu. Our chefs can also recommend specialty dishes for whether you are going to have a cocktail party, an outdoor Christmas party or a home party.

We have Malaysian, Indian, Chinese and Western dishes that you and your family will surely love.