Arabian Canopy Rental

At, we provide buffet catering service and canopy rental service at affordable price. Besides that, we also offer extra services include hall decorations, event decorations, MC and sound system and wedding package.

We are one of the finest suppliers of rental canopies in Johor Bahru, so if you need a covering or shelter for an event, come to us for help.

Whether your function is a wedding, a corporate dinner, a birthday party or an outdoor exhibition, we can make sure that it runs smoothly.

Arabian Canopy Rental Service in Johor Bahru

The Arabian Canopy, also known as a high peak frame tent, is a fabric covered canopy that features high geometric peaks.

Our company provides Arabian canopy rental service in Johor Bahru.

This tent style has a versatile design that can be made dramatic, fun or even romantic just by choosing certain types of fabrics.

Opt for light, flowing fabrics to achieve a look that’s ideal for warm weather events, add silk accents for a dreamy, extravagant feel or order an Arabian canopy in bright colours to match your event’s colours.

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Beautiful Decoration Arabian Canopy

When choosing fabric for an Arabian canopy rental, it’s important to consider the weather and your budget. Lightweight fabrics will help air circulate in the tent, prevent your canopy from becoming stuffy and too hot and keep your guests comfortable.

In Johor Bahru rainy seasons, heavier fabrics are best to keep out breezes and give your event more warmth. These are no need to worry that your Arabian canopy rental won’t look its best if you choose inexpensive fabrics.

We have the experience needed to work with your preferences and budget and ensure your rented canopy suits the style and theme of your event.

Decoration & Arabian Canopy

An advantage of choosing an Arabian style canopy rental from us is it can easily become a part of your event’s décor. From metallic fabrics to richly textured ones, just about any colour and pattern can be used to create an Arabian canopy.

You also have the option of adding various trims such as tassels, lace detailing, beading and much more. If you can dream up a look, it can be created with an Arabian canopy.

Arabian Canopy

Arabian canopies work especially well for Moroccan themed weddings and events including corporate functions, outdoor events, exhibition and birthday parties. Choose this canopy style if you’re having business or social function in Johor Bahru.

This dramatic style of the tent will provide the perfect highlight for your décor and capture your guests’ attention before they enter the party. Imagine your guests’ surprise when the show up to your Moroccan or Bollywood themed event and see a setup of vibrant, gorgeous tents with beautiful lighting and all of the amenities needed to have a wonderful evening.

Kanopi/Khemah Arabian White Colour

In addition to being a nice surprise for your guests, the Arabian canopy looks great in photos and can provide the setting you need to capture unforgettable pictures of your wedding or event. Paired with your choice of floral arrangements, lights and decorative accessories, there’s practically no style that you can’t achieve with an Arabian canopy rental.

Arabian Canopy Available In Johor Bahru

We specialize in helping our clients by providing high quality Arabian canopy rentals for weddings, corporate events and social affairs. We can help you with choosing fabrics and accents that will look great on your big day and set the scene for you reception or party. Our staff will keep your chosen number of guests and theme in mind.