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Catering & Canopy Rental Services In Johor Bahru

Buffet Catering Johor Bahru provides a wide range of popular buffet catering service and one-stop canopy rental service in Johor Bahru.

Buffet catering services include halal buffet, Chinese buffet, vegetarian buffet, wedding buffet and many more. Other services include event decoration, hall decoration, sound system & MC, banquet table & chair, wedding packages and exhibition.

Get a quote today to get the best price for canopy rental and getting the right buffet catering services for any of your particular events. Change the way your events are served and be the talk of the town today!

Buffet catering and canopy have become a popular choice for various events especially in weddings, birthday celebrations, outdoor events and corporate parties. Click here to view our Recent Project.

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Recent Canopy Project Or Hall Decorations In Johor Bahru

Catering & Hall Decoration At Dewan Banquet Royal Johor Country Club (RJCC)

Catering & Hall Decoration At Dewan Banquet Royal Johor Country Club (RJCC) 1

Catering & Hall Decoration At Dewan Banquet Royal Johor Country Club (RJCC) 2

Catering & Hall Decoration At Dewan Banquet Royal Johor Country Club (RJCC) 3

Transparent Canopy Purple 1 Johor Bahru

Transparent Canopy Purple 2 Johor Bahru

Transparent Canopy Purple 3 Johor Bahru

Transparent Canopy Purple 4 Johor Bahru

Transparent Canopy Service in JB

Transparent Canopy Service in JB

Transparent Canopy Service in JB

Transparent Canopy Service in JB

Explore the Endless Buffet Catering Menu Options!

Buffet Catering Johor Bahru offers a great variety of menu options for every occasion.  We work closely with our customers’ requirements including specific preferences & dietary restrictions.

Let us help make your event a memorable experience beyond expectation!

Buffet Services In Johor Bahru

Buffet Services

We are professionals in buffet catering which help our customer to build their dream buffet for various type of events. Buffet menu can be customized to meet your needs within the limit of your budget. Welcome to join us for a Taste & Test session for your event!

Chinese Buffet Catering Service In Johor Bahru

Chinese Buffet

Buffet Catering Johor Bahru  is now fully focus on delivering delicious chinese buffet for 100% customers’ satisfaction! Our taste-bud-tempting cuisine will definitely bring more excitement & surprises just the way you like! What are you waiting for? chinese buffet. Call us now to know more.

Halal Buffet Catering Service In Johor Bahru

Halal/Malay Buffet

Buffet Catering Johor Bahru has been known for outstanding great support and exclusive service which offers you more halal buffet catering  menu! You name it, we got it! Celebrate & share every moment of joy with good food from us!

Looking For Canopy Rental Fit Your Needs, Event Decoration and Wedding Packages?

Buffet Catering Johor Bahru offers rentals for different types of canopy such as Arabian Canopy, Marquee Tent, Transparent Canopy and others.

We work closely with you to determine the type of canopy tents that best fit your needs and budgets. Besides that, we also provide decoration services, lighting system, sound system and MC.

Let us providing you memorable customer experience beyond expectation!

Canopy Rental Services in Johor Bahru

Canopy Rentals

We are professional canopy rental company in Johor Bahru provides various type of quality canopies for any outdoor events, wedding, party, corporate functions and ceremonies. We can help you determine the size and specific type of canopy tents, canopies delivery, set-up and decoration services. Make your events memorable and meaningful.

Events Decoration Services

Events Decoration

Buffet Catering Johor Bahru provides events decoration services include hall decoration, entrance décor, linens for your tables and chairs, a carpet and flowers arrangement. Make your events become more surprises just the way you like and attractive. WhatsApp us today for more info!

Wedding Packages & Hall Decoration Services In Johor Bahru

Wedding Packages

Wedding is one of the most important event of your life. Without the perfect set-up, you are taking the risk for your big day. We provide wedding canopy rental include decoration services, flowers arrangement, tablecloths, chair covers and others.  Let us create a beautiful, romantic and memories wedding event for a lifetime.

Is All About Quality:

“Even though there is not a lot of staff needed for a buffet catering, it is still of utmost important that our food are presentable, accommodating to your guests’ every needs, as well as hygiene being maintained all the time. Buffet Catering Johor Bahru offer excellent services to keep the food warm for serving while utensils and  plates are spotless..”

Not About Catering only, we do provide more Additional Services for your event needs.

“The key of not having headache going around between caterers when you are planning a party is by simply choosing the right caterer that offers all the services you will ever need for a party: flower arrangements, table setting, etc. Buffet Catering Johor Bahru offers not only food services, but also includes table presentation for your guests.”